Celembrimbor is the men who created the rings of power. And the men who is in the game Shadow of Mordor the wraith who is in Tailon. And how far I know the one is that make Tailon alive again. (this is info before Shadow of MorAnd work together with Annatar (the good side of Sauron but he was never good but he said he was because he can then create the rings) to create the rings of power but what he didn’t know was that Annatar aka Sauron create in secret the one ring and killed him when he was done.

The rings that Celebrimbor create was:

seven rings for the dwarfs
nine for the men

and in secret three rings for the elves

“I shaped the history of middle earth, I crafted the rings of power.” is a famous sentence that Celembrimbor said to Tailon.

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